Thorens TD 1601 Turntable
A RETURN TO THE THORENS DNA WITH EXTENDED FEATURES The TD 1601 is the consistent further development of the TD 1600 in the direction of enhanced ease of use. It has a classic wooden frame, a two-part plate with an internal...
Thorens TD 190-2 Turntable
NOT JUST FOR BEGINNERS The TD 190-2 is the big brother of the TD 170-1. The chassis and turntable add more weight to the scales and, together with the electronically controlled DC motor, ensure even smoother running and a better sound,...
Thorens TD-402 DD Direct Drive Turntable
The Thorens TD 402 DD is an "out-of-the-box" game-ready solution with an innovative, very smooth-running direct drive in combination with convenience functions such as an integrated phono preamplifier and auto-start and auto-stop at the end of the record.Far more than...
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