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We have existed as a business since 1978, originally started as Golden Gramophone. We started our business just selling turntables and vinyl and by 1981 we evolved to broadening our inventory to carry speakers, receivers and a variety of audio gear. In the late 1980s when video rose in the marketplace we expanded again to stock home theater components and projectors. By the early 2000s flat screen and high def technology was on everyone’s mind and we expanded our show rooms to feature, several models and sizes as well as blu ray and now 4k technologies. Now in the 21st century we have happily returned to our original roots with two-channel audio sound, high end turntables and mobile fidelity (MoFi) vinyl. Since our beginnings we have continued our expertise throughout all platforms of electronics we stock. Regardless if you need a theater, turntable or speakers we can answer all your questions and help you make the best choice for you and your needs.


Since our formation in 1978, we remain the oldest brick & mortar retailer of high end electronics in the Richmond area. Our decades of industry experience in sales, management and installation make us head and shoulders above the competition. The sales team deals daily with elite level product and our installers are working with our clients’ needs in both design and installation. We have always kept our focus customer oriented, we are interested in getting you the best products for your space and budget, not the most expensive thing on the market. We are interested in you sharing your system with others so they can enjoy the experience we have helped create for you. In doing so we hope that we can serve their needs as well.
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