Dual CS 429 Turntable w/ Built-in Phono Preamp
CS 429 Fully Automatic HIFI-Turntable The fully automatic function of the CS 429 provides maximum ease of use. The tonearm automatically lifts, shifts across, and drops with the push of a button. Simply place the vinyl record on the platter...
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Dual Electronics CS 418 Manual Three-Speed Turntable
The Dual CS 418 Turntable is a great starter deck for those just getting into playing records. It's solidly made and finished with care, and includes the popular Ortofon 2M Red moving magnet cartridge. The CS 418 delivers a clear,...
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Dual Electronics CS 518 Manual Three-Speed Turntable
Enjoy your 33 1/3, 45, and 78 rpm vinyl records with your stereo system and the Dual Electronics CS 518 Manual Three-Speed Turntable. It features a die-cast aluminum platter and a solid aluminum tonearm in a twin-gimbal mount with the Ortofon...
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