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Aeon2 Closed - Open Box
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This is an Open Box MINT B-Stock Item All accessories included and full Warranty  From Dan Clark Audio AEON Flow 2 Closed is our all-new high-value planar headphones. AEON Flow 2...
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This is an Open Box MINT B-Stock Item 
All accessories included and full Warranty 

From Dan Clark Audio AEON Flow 2 Closed is our all-new high-value planar headphones. AEON Flow 2 utilizes an all-new driver based on our acclaimed ETHER 2 driver design for greatly improved sound quality, and sports a collapsing gimbal so it folds into a compact case, making it much more travel friendly. AEON Flow 2 comes with our 2-year warranty and is designed, built and tested in San Diego, California. AEON 2 features the latest engineering innovations from our team, married with smart industrial design and a price that will make you smile.

The original AEON Flow broke new ground with its ergonomic and stylish industrial design that are hallmarks of Dan Clark Audio designs. From the elegant shape of the earcups to the lightweight nitinol headband, and the amazing performance of its in-house designed planer drivers, itû€ûs hard to believe we could find a way to improve itû€fbut we did!

Improved Performance The new AEON 2 is not a minor update to a great product, itû€ûs truly a colossal performance upgrade. Dan and the team took what they learned designing one of the most highly awarded flagship headphones of 2018, ETHER 2, and redesigned the new AEON 2 driver from the ground up using ETHER 2û€ûs state of the art motor tech. New features include:

  • Updated driver structure flipped 180 degrees to remove magnet and flow structures from the diaphragm to the ear
  • Streamlined flow elements converted to a single construction, removing air gaps to improve internal airflow
  • Higher precision-machined flow structures replace injection moulded parts
  • Superior driver damping for improved resolution, dynamics and a smoother frequency response
  • New voicing, with a warmer, fuller tone for the closed, a leaner lower midrange for the open, and a much larger soundstage for both models

The sum of all these innovations is a headphone the renders music with all its emotional impact: visceral bass, transparent mids, and detail up top that is presented in a deep and immersive soundstage putting the music further  “out of your head” to create a deeply satisfying experience.

Big Sound, Uncompromising Portability Many of us at Dan Clark Audio travel extensively around the world to attend headphone shows to meet our incredible customers and dealers. We felt that while the AEON comes with a great case, it was a bit bulky and hard to travel with. When we set out to create the AEON 2 we wanted to improve its portability without sacrificing perform


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Dan Clark (MrSpeakers) AEON 2 Closed-Back Headphones - Open Box
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